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How to choose a household mixer?
Addtime: 2022-02-23

Household mixer

When choosing a household mixer, how to choose a mixer that is of good quality and suitable for home use has become a major concern of consumers. The following household mixer manufacturers introduce several aspects that should be paid attention to when purchasing a household mixer.

(1) The power of the household mixer. Some consumers need to use a blender to blend some harder materials, such as ice cubes, soybeans, etc. In order to make the household mixer successfully break the walls of such ingredients, it is necessary to purchase a powerful mixer. The more powerful the mixer is, the more powerful it will be when mixing materials. Generally speaking, the power of the more powerful household mixers is around 700W.

(2) Blades of household mixers. When shopping for a home blender, consumers can look at the blades. A good blade can play a good role in crushing the ingredients. Generally speaking, the blades of the blender should be selected with 4 or 5 blades as much as possible. Such a household mixer will have a larger mixing force and a better mixing effect.

(3) The speed of the household mixer. Some consumers like to use a blender to make juice, and then they need to buy a home blender with more speed. The reason is that fruits of different sizes and firmness require different stirring forces and require different textures. Therefore, household mixers with different gears can control the intensity of mixing, making the fruit more tasteful. If consumers like to drink juice, they can buy a household blender with speed adjustment.

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