Analysis of China's household appliance industry 2017

2017-04-12 10:55:13

In recent years, with the economic growth downturn, home appliances industry is trapped in a vicious circle, the market is not optimistic, the specific situation how? Let's go and see it! The following is a small compilation of the Chinese report Hall for your finishing 2017 the current situation of China's household appliances industry:

Analysis of China's household appliance industry 2017

Bai Dian Wei: Improve the quality of demand refused to stay in situ

The white power industry is not as much as the "temptation" of the black electricity, because the technology of the white electricity is really very early, has been in a slow update, but there is no denying that the development of the white electricity has encountered a bottleneck, once we all thought that white electricity did not have any technical development, but in this stage, the Japanese and German manufacturers played an important role, because they put people's life concept changed!

What is the initial perception of refrigerators, air-conditioning, washing machines and kitchen appliances? Instead of human labor, to save energy, only this! But the current white power is passing a concept that allows you to enjoy a more quality family life, refinement to the product level to understand that the refrigerator I need a larger capacity to meet the needs of a family, need more partitions to meet the different types of food storage requirements, the need for air cooling technology to ensure that I do not have to manually defrost, need to remove bacteria technology to ensure my diet health ...

Therefore, the current and future trend of the white electricity product line is to make the whole family's well-being to be promoted, we may require that the washing machine can wash down jacket, wash a whole bed quilt, and can reach the guy and the child's clothes separately to wash, such as double-barrel washing machine, can no water washing only to remove flavor, such as deodorant washing function ... , so the difference between white and black electricity is that white electricity needs manufacturers have some new ideas to enable users to get better quality of life!

Go home to eat is often said the topic, due to the emergence of various food problems, as well as the concept of the family's re-cognition, kitchen power has become the fastest growing home appliances, kitchen products, the future of the road should be more catering to the consumption characteristics of young people, simple operation, easy to use, and some aftercare products such as lampblack machine, dishwasher, garbage handlers, etc. also to achieve the launch, from a variety of industry data, the future of the kitchen industry is expected to usher in explosive growth, a lot of opportunities!

Home appliances: Refine the classification and upgrade the product experience

Home appliances can be divided into two categories, family type and personal type, like our daily use of the vacuum cleaner, sweeping machine, cooking machine, etc. belong to family type; like hair dryer, razor, electric toothbrush and so on is personal type! The emergence of these products can be said to greatly enhance our quality of life, but also many people after the purchase of regret, think that these products to improve the quality of life very limited!

First of all, said the sweeping robot, although currently with a path planning, with more climbing capacity and a higher endurance of the sweeping machine a few, but we always feel that this thing is still there is little sense of existence, gimmick means more than the actual use! And the maker of sweeping machines does not do enough to optimize the product experience. For example, the home has carpet and no carpet should be treated differently, the small space family is not corresponding to the small product model to supplement, for the family to keep pet hair treatment is able to pass, these day-to-day details of the use of experience ascension is left to the sweeping machine manufacturers puzzle!

And for the products like a protective class, practicality is more evident, and there is a cost-effective problem, such as friends often ask me a question, a value of thousands of razor and decades of the difference is what, I can tell him from the work, motor, scratch on the two have a distinct distinction, but in the experience of the truth is alive, your subtle feelings of psychological effect of the ingredients too big, so the advice of a home appliance manufacturers, you should improve the product experience more effort, less than do some dazzling hardware face work!

Health appliances: No fake marketing needs new standards

Health appliances actually contain a lot of product line, but at present we are more concerned about the two product line is the water purifier and air purifier, air purifier since the fog raged 2011 after nearly five years of development has undergone many trades shuffle, with the promulgation of the New Year air net, the current market real profitable survival brands are not much, but the problem is still grim!

The low threshold of the air purifier makes the manufacturers look forward to profiteering in this product, such as the false standard of parameters, the procurement of inferior components, intelligent gimmicks, etc., so the existing technical problems of the air purifier is the basic performance of the product is not clearance, and the design of the wind duct manufacturers do not have a unified solution, and some think that the tower is good, some think that the traditional type of good, basically is the factory is a dispute, and the change of the screen reminder function, some industry insiders also say that is chicken ribs, But still has become a manufacturer marketing gimmick, so for the above-mentioned problems, if the air purifier manufacturers can do well, then their products must be welcomed by consumers!

Water purifier Industry from the first simple filtration, to the current ultra-filtration and RO rival, can be said that this is also a need to rectify the industry, at present the sound volume of RO has basically covered ultrafiltration, but RO complete filtration may let the beneficial minerals in the water also be filtered to, so at present water purifier industry needs to appear a new industry standard to tell everybody which water purifier is really worth we buy, if each big manufacturer can seize this node also can let oneself product Head Start!

Regardless of the current situation of household appliances industry, enterprises should strengthen their own supervision, rather than playing a price war to deprive market share. More relevant analysis of current situation of home appliance industry Please consult the Household Appliance Industry Market Survey report issued by the China Report Hall.

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