Counting 2016 kitchen power industry and 2017 future trends

2017-04-12 10:35:02

Counting 2016 kitchen power industry and 2017 future trends

With the advent of December, 2016 has also come to an end, according to the first half of the announcement data, kitchen sales of up to 29.7 billion dollars, only the first half of the market retail sales of 5 billion yuan, coupled with the second half of the double ten a published data, the 2016 kitchen electricity market growth rapidly, in the home appliance market downturn, the performance of the kitchen electric enterprises commendable.

Summarize this year's market pattern, the highlight points can be summed up into several key words: intelligent, embedded, cross-border activities, channels accelerated differentiation. A leaf fell and know the world autumn, in the end this year the kitchen electricity market has changed, followed by the small waves to look down together.

Kitchen Power also cross-border fashion fashion most fashionable

The so-called cross-boundary, small compilation understanding is to let the original non-lap elements mutually infiltration fusion, thereby enlarging their brand influence. With the market competition in the home, industry penetration and fusion has been quite common, the view of today's market is difficult to find a purely brand, kitchen and electricity brand cross-border is also understandable.

The choice of cross-border brands are complementary brands, rather than competitive brands, cross-border play is good, can increase the sense of three-dimensional and depth of brand, broaden the audience. However, playing cross-border brands more, in the end who is more forced to the more fashionable?

Fang Tai, in the cross-border road, the farther away, some of the recent columns of cross-border behavior to see the big shout "originally you are such a side too." Since the end of last year, too launched a series of creative ads brush Blow friends Circle, microblogging, the major video sites, this year's mother's side has launched a creative video, science and technology, the future full of the plot after the story point out "the world's most powerful intelligence is Mother's Love", of course, too many products also remembered, oven, lampblack machine, and can remove the fruit and vegetable farm residue sink dishwasher!

Earlier this year, "Kung Fu Panda 3" on the occasion of the release, the boss Electric cross-border to help "Kung Fu Panda Art Contest." At the end of the year, the boss Electric and Samsung TV jointly launched the "Hall, the Kitchen" activities swept the country, the hall under the kitchen, which is to find the rhythm of the ladies ah Hello! TV and kitchen power cross-border cooperation, the span of the large and mutual penetration, the placement is very accurate, the two sides of the consumer market share and in-depth excavation, release the brand together.

Of course, the kitchen power of the cross-border phenomenon more than this, also has Hua Di special crown name of the general Hu Sheguang 2017 spring and Summer Series conference, to realize the kitchen and life "no bounds"; Haier cross-border launch high-end intelligent steaming integrated machine and so on.

The new power of enterprise revenue with embedded products

With the increase of consumption level, the new type of embedded kitchen power harvest more and more attention, of course, the soaring prices of the road is one of the reasons. The embedded kitchen electric modelling simple fashion, can perfect embed Ambry saves the kitchen space, in the vision more open and tidy, in the use convenience also does not reduce the slightest. And as the younger generation become the main consumer, the embedded kitchen power will lead the future trend of consumption, this is embedded in the future of kitchen power the biggest growth momentum.

According to the monitoring data of Yee Kang, from January 2016 to August, embedded electronic oven, embedded dishwasher and embedded electric steaming box sales of a lot of results, in which the oven retail sales reached 1.2 billion, retail sales growth of 59.8%, the volume reached 211,000 units, in the embedded kitchen category in the growth of the second only dishwasher and electric steaming box. The embedded family of steam stove retail sales growth of more than 100%, in the type of kitchen electrical products in the growth of the second only to the embedded dishwasher.

In the business perspective, most of the kitchen enterprises in the embedded aspects of action. Bosch launches a few embedded products, in which Bosch 8 series embedded steam oven breaks the traditional definition of the oven and incorporates the "steaming" model on the basis of roasting; The boss raised the slogan "defending cigarette stoves, winning embedded" in the first half of this year, and lifting the embedded product to the same important strategic position as the stove.

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