Status quo of kitchen power industry and analysis of the development trend of kitchen power industry 2016

2017-04-12 10:31:41

All along, the kitchen electricity market smoke unceasingly. From the early price war to the brand War, from the advertisement war to the PR war; from the initial search for product design and function differentiation, to seek the differentiation of brand temperament. At the same time, another dark war between kitchen brands has never ceased. 2015 kitchen power industry Status quo and 2016 the development trend analysis of kitchen and electricity industry is described below.

2015, in the face of macroeconomic downlink, the real estate market is still weak and other unfavorable external environment, the whole appliance industry development is not optimistic. In this context, the kitchen power products with a high growth rate of 10.5%, the appliance industry to become a new growth point. But even so, the kitchen industry still has to face slowing growth, the industry reshuffle the status quo. This means that in the first two years experienced a wave of development boom in the kitchen industry, is also gradually returning to a more rational development orbit.

Slowing the growth of industry shuffle

Under the economic downward pressure increase, the commercial housing sales activity is not high, the policy of the comprehensive impact of air window, such as factors, 2015 China's home appliance industry encounter the market winter, big home appliance market shocks forward, part of the category of sales both decline. Among them, ice, washing, empty, color of the four categories almost all the fall, kitchen appliances, although the growth rate is better than the overall performance of home appliances market, but also has a slowing trend.

Data show that 2015, the overall size of China's household appliances industry is 1.53 trillion yuan. Among them, refrigerators, color TV, air-conditioning and other individual categories of negative growth, but the kitchen industry market size has reached 69 billion, a year-on-10.5% increase, become a new growth point of household appliances industry. This data, although significantly higher than the overall level of household appliances industry, but compared to 2014, kitchen power over the same period or a 3.4% decline. More up-to-date information on the prospects of kitchen industry please consult the China Report Hall, 2015-2020 report on the operation situation and investment strategy of Chinese kitchen and electricity industry.

In this connection, the industry expects that the kitchen market will enter a period of low or relatively slow growth, with the market pressure increase, large kitchen power brands into the three or four-level market or township market speed will accelerate, to the small and medium-sized brands left to survive and profit space will become smaller, brand elimination will accelerate the emergence of the future kitchen industry brand concentration will become more and more high.

High-end embedded products are popular

Through the data we are not difficult to find, in the product, the whole 2015 enterprise and consumer at the same time to high-end kitchen power of the attention to improve. From the market sales, 2015 1-November, high-end embedded kitchen (embedded electric oven, embedded dishwasher, embedded microwave oven) retail sales and sales volume on the year has been significantly increased, up to 93.6%.

On the other hand, one of the highlights of the 2015 years of the kitchen power Market also includes exploring the enterprise in the intelligent product. For example, the boss introduced the Lampblack machine integrates many recipes, can realize the smoke stove linkage completes the intellectualized kitchen cooking process. Hua Di released the world's first voice control high-end intelligent cigarette machine "Magic Mirror", to borrow voice control to kill into the smart kitchen power. Fang Tai jointly issued the world's first set of cloud smart kitchen products.

A multi-year kitchen sales of the industry, the kitchen power high-end market development opportunity is 80, 90-based consumer groups to the quality of the pursuit of healthy life. Especially in the trend of the intelligent agitation of the present, selling price between 4000--5000 yuan, more high-end, smarter, more attractive products are the most consumers of concern.

Poised for 2016 industries to develop back to rationality

After 2015 years of slow development, for the 2016-year-old kitchen industry, it will be fully regression to rationality. Relevant industry insiders frankly, benefited from the development of urbanization brings the opportunity, as well as 80, 90 after the consumer groups to pursue the quality of life of the potential consumer power, the kitchen industry 2016 will lead the overall appliance market, maintain steady growth.

Related industry insiders frankly, from the GDP, commercial housing sales, urbanization rate of the environment, the future kitchen industry will remain in a stable development period. In particular, the "Thirteen-Five" plan proposed in the "Real Estate to inventory" policy will continue to pull with rigid demand for the main growth momentum of the kitchen industry.

In addition, thanks to the in-depth development of the Internet +, the kitchen industry may also have a number of cross-border brands successively entered. But the industry generally believes that, however, the kitchen industry development will be based on rationality. A year engaged in the sales of kitchen appliances industry insiders said that in the development of relatively stable kitchen industry, a brand want to change the market pattern, must have the core competitiveness, brand charisma, comprehensive technical strength, and this from the current market is not easy to look.

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