How to buy a domestic mixer

2017-04-12 10:36:56

Household mixer, cooking machine how to choose? Many friends in the choice of cooking machine, mixer, do not know where to start, affect their performance in the end of the few aspects, how to choose, troubled some friends. Here are several important things to pay attention to, hope to benefit the broad masses of friends.

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How to buy a domestic mixer

First, purchase should pay attention to security issues

1. The motor is not waterproof.

The most feared of old-fashioned motors is water intake. Now good brands are waterproof. The cup does not tighten the juice to leak inside the machine will burn machine? Will you be shocked? Pour point water in, water from below, the motor is bad? Do you touch the electric shock? These are testing the waterproof performance of the motor. Remember to use a waterproof motor.

2. Why does the motor have heat protection?

Overheating protection is the role of the abnormal work in the case of the motor to prevent excessive temperature caused by machine combustion and other serious damage.

Overheating protection device not only has the function of protecting motor, but also can enhance the working life of the motor.

3. Is it safe to use?

The machine is equipped with built-in switches (not like the switch on TV, but a stealth switch), and the blade is placed on the host machine without working. Even if you forget to shut down, the built-in overheat protection device will automatically cut off the power supply and daily use is very safe and convenient.

4. Why use food grade plastics?

The so-called "food grade" plastic, is to contact with food directly, do not cause harmful ingredients to the human body chemical changes or precipitate harmful substances, food flavor will not have any impact.

Plastics is one of the most common substances in daily life, unqualified or polluted, such as the most common disposable cups of the problem and so on. Therefore, the choice of machine motor important, plastic fittings are equally important.

Second, choose to pay attention to the motor speed

Ordinary motor a minute normal in 8000--9000 turn a little better at 12000 rpm, and the use of foreign technology can reach 23000--26000 rotation speed. It can take the water pulp, the juice is very thin. Let you completely drink not out, 4, 5 months of child use is a bottle of suction can also.

Thirdly, the durability of the knife is to be noticed again in purchasing.

Knife is a very important part of the machine, with a long time will not blunt? Use no grinding, or want to change? This is a matter of concern to everyone! Formerly old-fashioned machine knives are sharp, so the time has long knife blunt, to grind and not good grinding, have to change, but also spend money, round-trip tolls, blade money to go out. The knife that is now used is a blunt knife in itself. So do not have to wear, with one year, two or three years or so, like this back, is the same as the speed to crush, so it hits hard things, out of the whole is not very coarse particles. For example, you play American ginseng, hippocampus, deer antler, angelica, sesame powder are powder. Soybeans and mung beans are similar to their hardness.

To play Red JuJube as an example: to hit the red JuJube nucleus, the date nucleus is particularly hard, the general machine can not beat, why? The truth is simple! The ordinary machine blade is the most common stainless steel, and our home cutting chopper is also stainless steel. But cut a time to grind, why? Stainless steel itself does not have the hardness, so use ordinary machine often dozen high hardness things, easy to roll mouth, or easy to bend. And the effect of using this knife is to start a bit loud, and there will be no right away. Because this knife is hard alloy steel, the inside contains tungsten and manganese components of the hardness is particularly good, do not need to change knife sharpening the trouble. In general, the red JuJube kernel is broken, and you can decide the length of time to play according to the degree of weight you like. Make a little thicker, shorter time, and a little longer. Lesbian has pearls, pearl powder can be a little longer.

Fourth, choose whether to pay attention to easy cleaning

A lot of soy-bean milk machine people know that cleaning is not easy, that is because the usual net cover is a rough wire weaving, and not good washing brush, easy to plug slag. Now adopts the newest imported steel, the laser two sides point hole, very bright and clean not plugging the slag not hanging the slurry, the faucet rushes on the line.

Before washing very troublesome to have juicer lid, filter nets, blade, take a cup of juice, a lot of washing things. Now the machine has automatic cleaning effect, that is to say, just pour water into containers, tighten the knife plate, assembly machine for 10 seconds or so the instantaneous operation, you can remove the blade of food impurities. After washing can continue to squeeze other fruits, will not affect the flavor of juice. When you don't need it, wipe it with a soft cloth.

Said a bunch of, but the most important to buy some, and some such as: whether the cup can be heated in the microwave oven, the cup is anti-fall, such details can be specifically consulted. I believe that if we all pay attention to these, will be sure to buy a good cooking/mixer.

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