The development of hardware processing industry will usher in new foreign trade pattern

2017-03-27 16:48:10

Due to the relative lag and overall aging of the developing country machinery processing industry, there is a strong demand for the import tools hardware products, the current, our country hardware tools products export warmer, hardware processing industry development ushered in the new foreign trade pattern. After the international economic recovery, hardware tools ushered in the export market, especially in the developing countries in the golden period of development. Hardware products Merchants are quickly seized this great opportunity through trade agreements and exchanges, and gradually open up the volume of huge export market and trade business.

Statistics show that the measuring industry in China after decades of construction and development, has initially formed a relatively complete product categories, with a certain scale of production and development capacity of the industrial system, in addition to Japan, the world's second largest producer. However, as the basis of NC cutting technology, the technical level and performance quality of the instrument manufacturing industry in China still have a large gap with the advanced level of the foreign countries. The rapid recovery of the international economy, further led to the export of hardware products to the overall situation, but also to the hardware industry to bring greater development space. Domestic vigorous market demand, foreign market expansion, both organically combined to the hardware industry to create a good period of gold development.

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